About Tania

Tania Coleridge was born in Scotland and spent her young childhood in Kenya on her grandmother’s farm. With a prominent ancestry of artists and the poet Coleridge, her broad creative interests are hardly surprising. As a young adult she studied Art and Drama in London and spent time in Florence studying art and the history of art.

Always seeking to be creative, she found a career in LA with a group of young entrepreneurs and designed restaurants and bars on the west coasts. This coupled with an international career as a model and actress kept her busy for a decade. She modelled for Versace, Armani, Mugler and many other top designer labels and was photographed by of Bailey and Donavon and was Helmut Newton’s muse. She was cast in various films in England and LA.

In her late twenties, she settled in Venezuela, where she and her husband bought a cacao farm. During these years, she created the chocolate brand “Willies Cacao” whilst continuing to develop her art by learning tribal techniques using colours from the tropical plants. On moving back to England in 2001 she developed the marketing campaign to sell the cacao by getting two TV series and a book deal for the product.

Having been creative all her life, she now lives in Wiltshire and has devoted herself to painting. Her inspiration is drawn from being surrounded by nature in the jungles of Venezuela and has given her a depth of understanding of composition and the vibrancy of colour, which is synonymous with her work.